Performance Terms & Listings

Each bull listed has performance numbers listed in the format below for the following categories:

Example numbers are listed in parenthesis (example)

Individual Performance E.P.D.’S MSI
Birth Wt. (60) Birth (-2.7) Muscle Score (3.4)
Weaning Wt. (500) Weaning (23) Frame Score (6.9)
Yearling Wt. (950) Yearling (37) BioSort Shape (3.9)
Test Gain (2.50) Milk (9) BioSort Type (B)
Scrotal (38.5) Ribeye Area (+.10)
  Marbling (+.30)
  • All Individual Performance is actual with no creep pre-weaning and limit fed post weaning with a minimum 62 day feed test.
  • All cows to these bulls are raised with our commercial herd in a low-input environment.
  • All E.P.D.’s on yearlings are based on pedigree estimates & will be available.
  • All MSI measurements are automated – non-biased scores.
  • Registration papers can be provided but must be requested.

General Information:

Guarantee:  Every animal in this offering is, to the best of our knowledge, free of any disease or defect.  All bulls have passed a Breeding Soundness Examination and are guaranteed breeders (defined as the ability to settle healthy cows by the time they are 18 months of age) with the exception of: a) injury or disease occurring after the sale, b) negligence or willful misconduct by the purchaser, c) bulls shown competitively after sale.  All claims for adjustment or refund must be made within six months from the date of sale or no later than 6 months after the animal reaches 18 months of age.  If an animal fails to breed after a trial of six months, it may be returned to the seller if in good condition and in compliance with Nebraska health regulations.  The seller reserves the right to try said animal for six months and if it proves a breeder return it to the buyer at the buyer’s expense.  If the animal proves to be a non-breeder, the seller shall, at the option of the buyer, replace the animal with another of equal value or refund the purchase price.  We assume no liability; legal or otherwise, to make any further compensation to the buyer, No other warranty is implied.

*If you would like to insure your purchase please let the clerk know.

Health:  Health of this herd is excellent.  Individual health papers can be provided for shipment anywhere.  Cattle are free of Tuberculosis and Brucellosis.  No animal by-products have been fed to these cattle.

Registration and Transfer:  Registration certificates can be transferred upon request at seller’s expense.  When making settlement, buyers must give complete written name and address information for making transfers

The BioSort Look-A-Like Program

Look-A-Likes are bulls that are very similar in shape even though their weights or ages are different.  We have grouped bulls into “Look Groups” if their shape scores are within a 2 shape score variation.  Selecting bulls with similar shapes will improve the visual uniformity in your herd.

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